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Build a great Dynamics online profile – 10 tips for consultants

Build a great Dynamics online profile – 10 tips for consultants

As a Dynamics consultant, you’re probably using at least one Dynamics job site or professional networking site. These online platforms have many uses beyond job or project search: they’re media through which you can increase your visibility within the Dynamics community. In this respect, building a strong Dynamics online profile can be extremely beneficial.


What are the benefits of spending time on your Dynamics online profile?

Perhaps you’re not looking for a new job, right now. Perhaps you’re already receiving too many contact requests from employers and recruiters, and you don’t want to start receiving even more. Here’s 5 reasons why we think you still should invest some effort into updating your Dynamics online profile:

  1. It means you will immediately be ready to look if and when you decide to explore new career opportunities.
  2. Without actively looking, it will help you to attract better professional opportunities – it could be job offers, but you could also be contacted for other kinds of professional ventures.
  3. Your online profile is the starting point for building your Dynamics professional network.
  4. A solid online profile is one way to get your expertise recognised within the Dynamics community.
  5. A cleverly filled Dynamics online profile helps to filter out some of the irrelevant contact requests you would otherwise receive.


Our 10 tips for a great Dynamics professional profile

Improving your Dynamics online profiles doesn’t have to take a lot of time. By targeting specific key areas and filling them in the right way, you can quickly get some very interesting results.

For a quick review of your professional profile, follow this checklist:

  1. Have you filled all the sections in your profile, and is the information in each section relevant?
  2. Have you uploaded a picture of yourself?
  3. Does your professional profile include a link to your CV and/or to your other Dynamics online profiles?
  4. Does your profile give information about the kind of professional opportunities you are looking for?
  5. Have you added information about your availability for a new job or contract role?
  6. Is it easy to identify your main Dynamics products and areas of expertise?
  7. Have you listed your Dynamics certifications?
  8. Have you included your niche skills?
  9. Is your summary or background section filled? Could it be updated or improved?
  10. What does your profile look like? Is it clear and easy to read?


If you’d like some targeted advice on how you can improve on each of these points, click the button and download your free guide!
Build a strong Dynamics online profile



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