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How to attract Dynamics 365 candidates – 5 step guide

How to attract Dynamics 365 candidates – 5 step guide

Everyone in the Microsoft Dynamics sector knows this: it is becoming increasingly difficult to hire the right Dynamics 365 candidates. The need for specialised technology skills is increasing, while the supply of skilled people is declining. This is resulting in a situation where vacancies remain unfulfilled far too long, employers waste a lot of time and money in their Dynamics hiring process, and Dynamics projects don’t always start on time.

This situation requires a change in our approach to hiring Dynamics 365 candidates. The old methods are no longer effective – they haven’t been for a while. Still, many employers confess to having trouble moving on to a different, more effective model.

The solution? It’s quite simple, really: we need to put the candidate at the centre of the Dynamics hiring process. But how do you achieve this?

To help employers transition to an effective, candidate-centric Dynamics hiring process, we are starting a series of blog articles and downloadable guides called Winning the war for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Talent. This series will cover all aspects of attracting, selecting, retaining and nurturing Dynamics 365 candidates. Would you like to get ahead of the crowd and solve your Dynamics hiring issues? Then read on!


How to attract the right Dynamics 365 candidates

Many employers make the same mistake: they being their hiring process at the screening stage. Most Dynamics 365 job adverts are built around what the company needs, with the mindset of weeding out the weakest candidates. While this strategy works well in a market where there are more candidates than job openings, it isn’t appropriate in a context where good candidates are scarce.

Before you screen your Dynamics 365 candidates, you first need applications. Today, the only way that you can get enough applications from consultants who have the right skill set is… To invest time in making them want to work for you.


Build a strategy to attract Dynamics talent in 5 steps

By following the below 5 steps, you can quickly start shifting the focus of your hiring strategy so it attracts the right Dynamics 365 candidates more effectively.

  1. Understand that the candidate is king, not the vacancy. Because Dynamics consultants are a rare resource, only the best employers get the best candidates.
  2. Make your job openings candidate-friendly. The best consultants have many choices, so they naturally will pick the roles with the best salaries, work-life balance or career opportunities. Build your Dynamics positions with this in mind.
  3. Build a candidate-oriented job advert. You want your job adverts to be candidate magnets, not candidate repellents. If you make it a priority to build an informative and attractive advert, you will get more, better Dynamics candidates.
  4. Make it easy for the candidates to find you. The best Dynamics consultants don’t need to put much effort into searching for new roles. The easier it is to find you, the more applications you will receive.
  5. Build your employer brand and your network. Your relationship to the Dynamics community has a strong impact on the amount and quality of candidates who will apply to your job openings. The time you invest in polishing your employer brand and building your network will bring worthwhile results.


Get started now – download our free guide!

To start attracting more Dynamics 365 candidates now, download our guide to attracting Dynamics 365 talent. It will provide you with easy, practical steps you can take to start getting better results very quickly. All you need to do is click the below button!

How to attract Dynamics 365 candidates


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