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How to become a Microsoft Partner – 9 step guide

How to become a Microsoft Partner – 9 step guide
There is a lot involved in the process of becoming a Microsoft Partner. From gathering information about the options available to you to building a successful Microsoft practice, there are many steps to follow and many parameters to consider.

If you are interested in becoming a Microsoft Partner – or if you recently started a Microsoft practice – we have an amazing resource for you: a guide which gathers all the information you need to build a Microsoft practice and make it thrive.

Sandra Koutzenko

Sandra Koutzenko


What’s in this Microsoft Partner guide?

Our guide will provide you with reasons why you could want to Partner with Microsoft. It will then take you through an overview of the types of membership available via the Microsoft Partner Program. Finally, it will give you access to our 9 step guide to becoming a Microsoft Partner.

1) Join the Microsoft Partner Network
2) Define your solution
3) Become a reseller or find a distributor
4) Build your Microsoft team
5) Increase your Microsoft knowledge and skills
6) Find and manage customers
7) Understand and build your Silver and Gold competencies
8) Get recognised
9) Grow your practice


How to download your Microsoft Partner guide

To download your free guide to becoming a Microsoft Partner, click the below button!

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