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How to develop the Dynamics skills of your team

How to develop the Dynamics skills of your team

There’s a meme which regularly pops-up on my LinkedIn feed. You’ve probably seen it too. It’s the one where a CFO is asking a CEO: ‘Why are we investing so much in training our employees? What if they leave?’ And the CEO replies: ‘What if we don’t invest in training them, and then they stay?’. While it is true that today’s job market, especially in the technology area, encourages employees to change companies every few years; the benefit of helping your staff to develop their Dynamics skills far outweighs the risks.

Hiring well-trained Dynamics consultants with the right niche skills is difficult. More and more often, it takes several months for a Dynamics employer to find and hire a consultant who has, at least, some of the skills they need. What if, instead, you spent those several months training an existing employee into the skills you need?

Whom should you consider cross-training into Dynamics?

There are several choices available to you, if you’re interested in developing Dynamics skills for your existing staff.

You can start by looking at your Dynamics team – would some of your consultants be willing to train into additional Dynamics products, roles, industries, or add-ons? Remember, Dynamics consultants are used to learning quickly and effectively.

But there are other areas of your company into which you can look. Here are a few examples:

  • The people in your finance and accounting department might be a great fit for Dynamics AX Financials roles.
  • If you have developers who are used to working on other Microsoft technologies (particularly technologies which usually integrate with Dynamics), how about helping them to become Dynamics technical consultants?
  • Do some of your IT, Business or Sales interns show great potential? Try pointing them towards a Dynamics career.


How to develop the Dynamics skills of your team

You might think that training your staff on Microsoft Dynamics (and its associated products, add-ons, industry-focused niche skills…) sounds like a lot of work. But this isn’t necessarily true.

Microsoft have done a great job of creating tons of online training courses for all their products. This means that your employees can self-train into many areas which are relevant to Microsoft Dynamics. All you need to do is provide them with the right resources.

Not sure where to look? We have all the information you need!


  • The Dynamics Learning Portal

If you are a Dynamics Partner, access to the Microsoft Dynamics Learning Portal (DLP) is a must-have for your team.

If you already have DLP access, make sure that the training resources are accessible to your staff – not only to your Dynamics consultants, but also to other professionals on your team who would like to learn about Dynamics.

If you don’t have DLP access, you should seriously consider getting it. To find out what sort of training material this would unlock for your team, check our latest DLP course catalogue.

Get the DLP catalog here


  • Additional Microsoft training resources

The DLP isn’t the only place where your employees can gain new Dynamics skills. There are many Microsoft training websites and resources, several of which offer free courses.

We have several interesting career guides and resources for consultants who wish to build their Microsoft and Dynamics skills:

Achieve Microsoft Dynamics readiness in 5 steps: to find out everything your consultants need to know in order to train into Dynamics, or to update their Dynamics skills.

30+ Essential websites for your Dynamics career: this guide lists the main Microsoft training websites, as well as a high amount of online professional resources for Dynamics consultants.

How to build or boost your Cloud skills – free Azure training and resources: Cloud knowledge is extremely valuable for Dynamics consultants. This article can help your staff to add this to their skillset.

For more, easy to access career resources for your Dynamics staff, register with us! We have several great services and resources for our registered members, and we regularly create new Microsoft Dynamics guides.
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