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What are Dynamics partners and end-users looking for in a freelancer?

What are Dynamics partners and end-users looking for in a freelancer?


When I was working for Microsoft, for years I kept being asked the same question by various Dynamics partners and end-users – if I knew of any “good” contractors. Now more than ever, in my new capacity as a Founder of 365 Freelance (the matchmaking site for projects and freelancers), this question pops up more than once every day.


So what makes a great freelancer? Obviously everyone is looking for different skills or experience but here are the few things in common that come up in our conversations:


  • Specialisation – many partners/end-users are trying to find rare niche skills that they currently don’t have in house, and, as they are often needed only now and then, are ideal for contractors to supply. These could be specific industry or process knowledge or experience with a particular add-on. Our advice: make sure you list all the functional, industry and add-on skills you have.


  • Experience – an obvious one but many consultants are not very good at selling their own services and experience. Our advice: as a very minimum, list the number of years you’ve been a Dynamics consultant plus some key highlights of major achievements, complex projects you’ve worked on, certifications you have got (even if expired). A stack of exams going back ten years can make you really stand out from the crowd.


  • Reliability/Trustworthiness – this is a big one and it’s hard to measure, but people normally look at the duration of previous projects you’ve had and might ask for references. Our advice: be proactive, ask for rating on various social media sites and send some references upfront.


  • Efficiency and focus – on time and on budget is very high on the agenda of every partner and end-user; they are paying contractors per day so they expect superb efficiency and great focus. Our advice: list some examples of projects you’ve done on time and budget, as well as some exceptions with a clear explanation for the deviation (i.e. change of scope, etc..).


  • An independent viewpoint – this is mostly something that the Dynamics end-users look for; they might already have a partner involved in the implementation and need a second opinion on certain areas. They will be looking for someone who is not afraid to be upfront about problems and issues they see, even if this might upset a few people, but in a constructive manner. Our advice: talk about problems but also resolutions. Be honest, and identify the best solution, even if it is going to require partners’ resources and not yours.


  • Convenience – partners and end-users are often looking for someone last minute and available where their project is; Location, Location, Location. Our advice: make sure you list where and when you are available (but not all the time and everywhere in the world as this isn’t taken seriously). If you are available to relocate or commute, do say so or you’ll miss out opportunities. If you are busy, make sure you show it.


  • Reasonable rate – an obvious one! Partners and end-users are keen to hire you directly so it’s best you find routes to them that will avoid involving recruitment agencies who will add 20-30% on top of your rate. Our advice: list your profile with independent platforms that will help you connect with the hiring company directly.


We hope this summary helps you position your profile. If you are looking for a platform that will promote your service, do sign up for free with Our portal connects Dynamics freelancers directly with partners and end-users who are looking for resources.


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