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How to screen CVs for Microsoft consultants

How to screen CVs for Microsoft consultants

When you are hiring new Microsoft consultants, you often get piles of CVs. Many of them are several pages long. If you don’t have a good process for how to screen CVs, it can take you ages to read through them all. This can turn screening resumés into a daunting task.

But selecting CVs doesn’t have to be a hassle. Our list of tips and our free downloadable materials will provide you with easy ways to screen resumes faster.


How to screen CVs – Quick tips

The five quick tips below will enable you to start setting up an efficient CV screening process for hiring Microsoft consultants. 

1) Prepare and plan your CV screening

The first step to an efficient CV screening process is a good preparation. Before you start reviewing CVs, you need to make sure you have a good understanding of the key qualifications and skills for the role.

To do this, go through the job spec for the role and list:
– The essential skills
– The desirable skills

This will give you a few key elements to look for in each CV. You can then perfect this system by attributing points to each CV based on which requirements they meet.


2) Quickly read through CVs

Once you have your list of key skills and qualification, give each CV a quick read through. Your goal is to flag the essential and desirable skills that are present, and those which are missing.

Based on this, you will mark your CVs and divide them into three categories:

– Unsuitable candidates: these would be the CVs of consultants who are missing several of your essential skills.
– Possibly suitable candidates: in this category, you will put all the CVs which meet several of your main criteria but might be missing a few.
– Suitable candidates: this category will gather the CVs that meet all of your main criteria.


3) Read each CV thoroughly

Starting with your ‘suitable’ pile, give the CVs a more thorough read. Depending on how many CVs you have received, you might also need to do this with your ‘possibly suitable’ pile.

As part of this step, we recommend you verify the below points:
– How much experience does the candidate have with the Microsoft product you are recruiting for?
– Does the candidate’s range of skills match your needs?
– Do the candidate’s communication skills match what you need?
– Does the candidate have the right industry experience?
– Are the candidate’s Microsoft work experience and past career choices relevant to the role you are advertising for?
– Is the candidate’s education relevant to the role?
– Does the candidate have any Microsoft certifications?
– Does the candidate have any work gaps?

This step will also help you to prepare for a potential phone screening interview: keep track of any missing information or inconsistencies, you will then be able to build your interview questions to clarify these points.


4) Keep track of why a CV is good or bad

If you reject a CV, keep a summary of why that person is not a good fit. While you are not required to give feedback to rejected candidates, it is always best to do so if asked.

If you think a CV is good, it’s also helpful to keep a summary of why, as it’ll help you to stay on track with what your essential requirements are.


5) Avoid those five common mistakes

There are several mistakes which many company make in the process of screening Microsoft CVs. Avoiding them will ensure you don’t miss out on great candidates.

– Mistake 1: taking too long to review CVs.
– Mistake 2: screening CVs using keywords.
– Mistake 3: not responding to rejected candidates.
– Mistake 4: lacking flexibility with your requirements.
– Mistake 5: making the candidates jump through hoops.


Download your free How to Screen CVs guide

If this topics interests you, we have some free resources available which will help you to make your CV screening process even more efficient.

Give it a try! Click the below link to download your free Microsoft CV screening guide and your Quick Screen spreadsheet.

Download your CV screening guide



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