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How joining IAMCP can help you boost your Microsoft Partner practice

How joining IAMCP can help you boost your Microsoft Partner practice

Are you looking for new ways of making your Microsoft practice thrive? If so, you might want to look into joining the International Association of Microsoft Channel Partners (IAMCP).


What is IAMCP?

IAMCP is a professional organisation whose goals are to support business development and profit increase for its members. Its international reach allows Microsoft Partners to find and generate more business opportunities around the world.

IAMCP also organises Microsoft Dynamics events, helps with Partner readiness and is involved in a variety of forward-thinking initiatives such as Women in Technology.

The IAMCP structure includes an international board and over 100 chapters in 40 countries. The IAMCP chapters work hand-in-hand with local Microsoft representatives.


Who should consider joining IAMCP?

IAMCP membership is open to all Microsoft Partners registered with the Microsoft Partner Network or the Microsoft BizSpark Program.

Membership is aimed at Microsoft Partners who are interested in building relationships with other Microsoft Partners for the purpose of supporting mutual growth and generating business opportunities. IAMCP encourages product or service providers to extend the range of their offer portfolio by partnering with each-other and collaborating on customer projects.

IAMCP can also help its members to have a stronger voice into Microsoft programs as well as within the IT community in general.

If you are interested in these opportunities, you should definitely consider joining IAMCP!


IAMCP membership information and registration

IAMCP offers three types of membership. For the details of these membership types and the pricing information, read the IAMCP FAQ.

Or you can start your IAMCP registration here!


IAMCP benefits and events

In addition to the benefits we already mentioned, IAMCP chapters regularly organise chapter meetings, executive roundtables and networking events. These events are great opportunities to build relationships with key professionals in the Microsoft market.

IAMCP’s relationship with Microsoft brings a number of benefits, such as the opportunity to have an early view on the Microsoft product roadmaps. It also means that the association enjoys a strong presence in Microsoft events, Inspire in particular, and offers many sponsorship opportunities.


IAMCP UK – we are on the board!

Finally, we’d like to say a few words about IAMCP UK: our CEO, Elena Baeva, is on the board as the IAMCP UK Membership Chair. We’re delighted to be involved!

If you are a Microsoft Partner based in the UK, take a look at the IAMCP UK upcoming events for a preview of what you could benefit from as an IAMCP member.



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