Access to specialized Microsoft Dynamics learning, training and information resources

Independent Microsoft Dynamics consultants can sign up with 365 Talent Portal and uniquely get free, unlimited access to specialized Microsoft Dynamics learning and training platforms and information resources. Click on this button if you’d like to apply:

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Some of these resources have in the past been focused on providing information only to Microsoft employees or Dynamics Partners. 365 Talent Portal has worked with Microsoft to offer this access to individual, independent Dynamics consultants who are not otherwise associated with a Partner. This affirms our focus on both supporting and improving our consultant community.

Latest Dynamics News and upcoming events

Regular updates on what is happening in the Microsoft Dynamics community.

Partner Essentials

Guides and handbooks, Partner service plans and Partner programs.

Pricing and Ordering:

Prices sheets, Licencing policies and Operational handbook.

Readiness and training:

Access to specialized Microsoft Dynamics training platforms and extra training material.

Sales and Marketing:

Demo tools, Pre-sales resources, Branding guidelines, Case studies and Product strategy.


Benchmarks, Datasheets, Documentation, Migration tools and Implementation services.

These specialized resources include platform designed by Microsoft for Dynamics Partners so they can get the information and the resources they need to manage their end-user communities. The information we and Microsoft provide is particularly useful to consultants who are working independently in guiding them in their interactions with customers and partners.

Our Training and Information Resource platform benefits

Any consultants who are registered with 365 Talent Portal can not only find great jobs or projects, but now can access free training and exam preparation guides through specialized Microsoft Dynamics training and information resources that we can provide. Don’t miss out – register now via the button below:

I want access to specialized Microsoft Dynamics training

Learning Plans

Categorised by role, track and capability and recommended suitable courses.

Online Courses

Access thousands of on-demand training courses and training materials.

Worldwide Workshop offers and Events Schedule

Find multiple online workshops and local product specific events.

Exam Preparation Guide

Access multiple courses and instructor led training to help you pass all the Dynamics certification exams.

Course Transcripts

Print a copy of the transcripts of the training courses.

Daniel Wollmann, Senior Global Business Programs and Operations Manager, Microsoft, Redmond, USA: “Microsoft is delighted to work with the 365 Talent Portal community of independent Dynamics consultants to provide this amazing source of training.  This will be an enormous help in enabling them to stay up-to-date with the latest product training and certifications”